Our graduates
Graduates of the Ukrainian Association of Numerology are our special pride!
15.12.1977 р.н.
Задорожна Олена Олексіївна
I have two higher education degrees - in economics (KNEU) and law (ONU), and I am currently studying for a third - psychology. I worked in the civil service in the field of economics and finance for almost 20 years. Analytical work and numbers have always been with me. I came to numerology at the call of my soul, looking for answers to complex personal questions. I studied numerology a lot, but I found deep and really clear answers after studying at the Ukrainian Association of Numerology. Now I advise on the UAS methodology, help people with professional purpose, self-realization, compatibility calculations, and many others. Thanks to the credibility of the UAS, the professionalism of the teacher, training in the Association gave me professional growth and experience, solid conclusions, confidence, and practical application of knowledge. I am very grateful to the best teacher and President of the Association, Khrystyna Stoliaruk, for the quality skills and professional competence I have acquired. I am extremely happy that I have undergone such a serious training!

13.10.1979 р.н.
Галушко Тетяна Петрівна
Про себе:
In 2003, she received her higher education and became a specialist in human resources management.
I have been working in HR for over 20 years.
To better understand myself and other people, I began to take an interest in many things, but numerology became my favorite.
To study numerology, I chose a professional - Khrystyna Stoliaruk and the UAN.
Numerology is a tool for studying a person, it can reveal their personality, analyze the compatibility of people.
Now I want to help people learn about themselves through numerology.

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