Українська асоціація нумерології


The first community of professional numerologists in Ukraine
The Ukrainian Association of Numerology was created to unite numerology specialists and other interested parties in order to popularize numerology in Ukraine and abroad


Ideologist of the Ukrainian Association of Numerology:

Founder of
Author of the courses "Numerology PRO" and "Numerology LITE"

Khrystyna Stoliaruk
PhD in Economics, certified career coach, author of the courses "Career Management", "Professional Orientation" and "Numerology".

4 years of counseling experience,
Over 10 years of teaching experience.

Working in the field of counseling, first on self-realization issues, and then on problems of personal life and relationships, I understand how important it is to harmonize professional and personal spheres! The numerological approach has proved in practice that each of us has our own digital program that has enormous potential! And I am happy to give my clients the keys to it and motivate them to take their lives into their own hands. And the key here is the path to harmony and true self! My approach is based on a combination of different numerological methods that comprehensively answer the questions that concern most of us. And now you, thanks to our Association, have the opportunity to master a new promising profession of a numerologist and help yourself and others achieve balance in life!

Khrystyna Stoliaruk

Why choose us?
We work daily to develop the association
  • Developing the brand of professional numerologists
    Becoming a member of the Association means being part of a professional community that significantly enhances the image of a specialist in the numerology services market.
  • Continuous professional development
    Opportunity to learn from colleagues, as well as implement your own experience exchange projects under the auspices of the Association.
  • The opportunity to create the history of the development of numerology as a science and profession in Ukraine
    Exchange of news, facts, and modern methods will allow you to always be in the center of numerological events.
  • Training in the Association from scratch
    Assistance in organizing and conducting training events by professional numerologists, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by diplomas from the Association, which is a guarantee of a professional image upon completion of training.
Контактна інформація
Україна, Київ, 04210, пр-т. Володимира Івасюка 25, офіс 63
Тел. +380504387000, +380968667000
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