Membership in the Ukrainian Association of Numerologists

Becoming a member of the Association entails a partial professional commitment, which naturally promotes the image of a specialist in numerology services


Membership in the Ukrainian Association of Numerology gives a low priority to:

Analysis of your own cases at online meetings – closed online meetings will be held twice a week, for which you can propose your own date for analysis in order of priority. Such discussions will contribute to professional development and the acquisition of additional knowledge.
Professional development - each member of UAN receives unlimited access to a closed chat, in which they can receive real-time advisory help from their colleagues, as well as share their observations and interesting information about numerological cases.
Fighting uncertainty. A significant number of novice numerologists do not know how or are afraid to conduct consultations. A community of like-minded people, each of whom can become a mentor or an example for others by sharing their experience. In the association, you can learn not to be afraid to consult and always seek help from more experienced numerologists.

Scientific component - conducting scientific webinars and meetings will provide an opportunity to master new methods and trends in numerology.

Promotion of one's own brand - The profile of each member of the association will be published on the official website, which will give an opportunity to promote oneself as a specialist recommended by UAN. The site will contain complete information about the numerologist and testimonials from real clients, adding image benefits.

Earnings - Members of the association will directly participate in paid products from UAN (consultations, Live calculator, numerological consultation), which will provide an opportunity to earn additional income.

Additional tools for professional numerologists from UAN - Members of the association will have the opportunity to use the Numerology Bot application free of charge, which will greatly facilitate the process of conducting consultations for clients.

Honorary members - each member of the association has the opportunity to receive the title of honorary member for significant successes and high indicators in the direction of "numerological counseling".

Teaching - Honorary members of the association will have the opportunity to conduct lectures and practical classes as part of their studies at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Additional features from GOOGLE - each member of the association will have access to free advanced tools from Google Workspace: (Gmail-individual email address name@uan.org.ua, additional space on google disk - (100 GB), extended functionality in the applications Calendar, Meet , Chat, Documents, Tables, Presentations, Forms, Sites and others.)

Advertising from GOOGLE. Thanks to the advertising budget from GOOGLE - a grant in the amount of $10,000 per month, UAN ranks among the top in the Search Engine for keywords from the field of "numerology in Ukraine". By placing your profile on the UAN website, you will become part of a team whose information will be seen by a significant number of the target audience.

International promotion. The Ukrainian Association of Numerology will soon implement multilingualism with the help of artificial intelligence. And with the help of advertising from Google, a large number of customers from other countries will learn about it. Thus, members of UAN will be able to provide their services outside of Ukraine, regardless of knowledge of foreign languages.

Apply via the link below and be interviewed by members of the association. If your candidacy is approved, you will receive the status of a member of the Ukrainian Association of Numerologists
You can become a member of UAN in two ways
Unconditional admission is available to graduates with a diploma from the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. For this, you only need to submit an application.
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